"Love is the message and the message is love
From the streets to the mountains to the heavens above
Tell everybody what your dreaming of,
that love is the message and the message is love"
(Arthur Baker)

Peace, love and harmony, sharing exchanging and respect.
Just show the world that whether our differences are skin color, religion, culture, nationality or vision, we still have more similarities.
We will show the world that we can be together with respect for each other and that we are open for the good inside each individual. This was the base to organize an International and Multicultural festival in Foulain, France.

This goal has been realized in an unbelievable and unimaginable way. People from 35 different countries came together and created an atmosphere and ambience together, where none of the visitors had ever dreamed of before.
It was an unknown partnership of French institutions, volunteers from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Greece, the United Kingdom, Peru and Slovakia, guests from Texas, Iceland, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries.

Invites festival 2011
Umong others the below special guests and artists were present:
Hopi: Ruben Saufki, Ruben jr and Lorna Joseph
Maya Guatemala, grandmother Elisabeth Aurojo and Nana Vilma
Maya Colombia: Paco and Nasly Quiroga
Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan
Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, (fridayafternoon the global meditation, connected with 500.000 people worldwide. So still it became Woodstock 3!)
Grandmother Carola Esparza, Chili
Roberto Lopez, Mexico
Tatsuhiko Kimori, Japan
And off course the worlddrum, on wednesday september 21st, connected to the 8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony - For the Healing of Mother Earth. Drumming for peace with thousands on other places worldwide. Via the Mountain at Fransje Bik, the drum is now Nova Scotia, Canada
Gerardo from Chili, Diana from Colombia, Alexander van Breemen, gongmaster Dolph, Igor from Switzerland, and many others!

The Artists of the festival in 2011
Saffron Byass, a surprise from Engeland
Geoffy Georg and the King Smo Band, high level reggae
Anna Agren and Roel Dullaert, great!
Ad Visser, great performance! With the brilliant guitareplay of Billy TK
Red Fulka, Praful and dj Kareem, a swinging party
Demi Messure, tough french rock with a smile to the accent
Trio Erik Huele for easy listening
El Loca del Loba, dance and flamenco
Charllotte Karlsted and band, the closure of thursdaynight
The amazing quality of Billy TK, personal taste (Lucas): a world leading guitarist!
And the big musical hit, the Mister Gray Hat band. Great music and a beautifull finale.

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