"Love is the message and the message is love
From the streets to the mountains to the heavens above
Tell everybody what your dreaming of,
that love is the message and the message is love"
(Arthur Baker)

Peace, love and harmony, sharing exchanging and respect.
Just show the world that whether our differences are skin color, religion, culture, nationality or vision, we still have more similarities.
We will show the world that we can be together with respect for each other and that we are open for the good inside each individual. This was the base to organize an International and Multicultural festival in Foulain, France.

This goal has been realized in an unbelievable and unimaginable way. People from 35 different countries came together and created an atmosphere and ambience together, where none of the visitors had ever dreamed of before.
It was an unknown partnership of French institutions, volunteers from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Greece, the United Kingdom, Peru and Slovakia, guests from Texas, Iceland, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries.

Invités festival 2013

Cérémonies, Conférences et Ateliers
Marc Pantalacci, Univers Spirale: Changements vibratoires de la Nouvelle Ere
Pinky More, Classique Yoga indien
Lucas Slager, lecture: vivre dans la Nouvelle Ere
Carola Esparza, cérémonie du Condor
Roberto Lopez, atelier articles de puissance chamanique
Tatsuhiko Kimori, guérison de la terre-mere
Ruben Saufki et Jordan, Hopi, cérémonie d'aigle
Elisabeth Araujo,cérémonie maya
Carl Johan Calleman,lecture
Angaangac, Chaman Inuits du Groenland: Cérémonie et ateliers
Toltecs du Mexique,
Zsazsa, Roumanie
Alain N'Dong, chaman pygmée du Gabon
Don Alejandro leader of all Maya tribes

Marché Internationale
The Storyteller, flying circus: the real story
Frontier Bookshop
Chant-Osier, bijouterie en Osier
Roberto Lopez, vètements et articles de puissance chamanique
Demonstration Vannerie
Centre Lothlorien
Banwo Toukkou
Kiosk de Fruits
Heart of India, bijoux d'Inde
Marieline Atelier créatif
Monks from Tibet, mandala de sable
Stargate Octium, Lucie van der Zee des Pays-Bas
Le Jeu de phénix, jeu international de Vincent Cespedes, Brésil
Project Wereldzand, Hilde Goris de Belgique

David Rovics, Chanteur engagé des Etats-Unis
Mr. Gray Hat band
Wood & Winds
Red Fulca
Harry Loco
Alexander van Breemen
Cosmo, chanteur de protestation de l'Angleterre
Geraldine Salmon, chanteur de France
Otis Mace, chanteur / compositeur de Nouvelle-Zélande
Pôle Neutre, groupe franais
Pio Pépère, musicien franais
Saffron Byass, chanteuse anglaise

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