"Somewhere there is a land where men do not kill each other.
Somewhere there is a land where men call a man a brother.
Somewhere you will find a place where men live without fear.
Somewhere, if you keep on running, someday you'll be free."
(Ennio Morricone/Christy)

Do you already have a nice souvenir from the festival? Here you can find the available souvenirs. Sent an e-mail to to order!

Festival Double CD with photo book

A great memory of the festival of 2011, but also a good impression of what to expect from the festival in 2013. This double CD has live recordings of the Lothlorien Peace festival 2011. From all the artists and songs we have assembled the best parts.
With the double CD we will also sent you the photo book with the best shots of the festival.

You can order it now!
Price 22,50 including oversea delivery.
Dubbel CD and photo book are created by Photowork

Festival T-shirt

The Festival T-shirt is of course the ultimate souvenir. Availabe both in red or in white.
Price white T-shirt: 10,- + 3,50 delivery fee
Price red T-shirt: 15,- + 3,50 delivery fee

Peace Pennon

Visitors of the festival in 2011 must have seen this small flag all over the camp-site and festival-site. Not only a nice remembrance to the festival, also a nice way to carry out the peace message.
Price 2,25 + 3,50 delivery fee (order it together with something else!)

Mayan Pendants
Soapstone pendants with the image of one of the 20 solar seals of the Mayan Calendar.
Handmade at Centre Lothlorien
Price: 13,- + 3,50 delivery fee

Magical Staff
Light-weight but utter strong staffs. Suitable as walking stick and every staff is unique.
Handmade at Centre Lothlorien from local ivy tendrils.
Price: from 15,-